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About Body Restoration & Our Team

Christine St. Andre - Massage Therapist

Owner, is a Certified Massage Therapist, 2003 graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. Member of the AMTA, specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, injury recovery, and European Hot Stone Massage.
Her stated goal for Body Restoration is: "to help people recognize the power of healing touch. Properly applied healing touch is one of the most amazing gifts a person can experience." She does this by ensuring that she and her staff are dedicated to "providing exquisite service, attention to detail, the little things that make a difference like complete comfort and convenience; offering a wide range of hours of operation to suit everyone’s needs."

Cheryl Doucette - Massage Therapist

graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2006. She has been with Body restoration since June 2006.
She has taken many Continuing Education classes which include:

• Effects of Repetitive Movement on Muscles
• Medical Massage for the Knee,Leg,Ankle, & foot
• Medical Massage for The anterior Cervical Region
• Thai Foot Massage
• Thai Table Massage
• Orthopedic Massage Techniques 1
• Michael Young's Muscle Release technique

Cheryl's mission is to leverage Massage Therapy to create a reciprocal environment where I bring balance and relaxation to my clients world and they in turn bring me a sense of peace and well being. I want my services to be both beneficial to my clients' physical and mental well being. I want massage to be something I look forward to doing and is incorporated into my self image. I will be compassionate and non-judgmental. I will always strive to make my clients feel that I am truly concerned with their well being.

Amy Supernor - Massage Therapist

Amy graduated Spa Tech Institute in 2008 for Holistic Massage Therapy. She specializes in swedish, prenatal,and deep tissue massage. Amy also specializes in energy healing such as reiki, polarity, and shamanic healing techniques. Her goal; "I want to help people of all kinds find their true healing paths and to reconnect with the healing abilities of their body. The body is an amazing thing and when running at its best I believe we can reach unimaginable heights."

Shelley O'Rourke, LMT - Massage Therapist

Shelley is fully licensed with the State of MA, member of the American Massage Therapy Association & graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. Shelley's professional approach provides therapeutic massage to clients seeking relief from chronic pain, stress reduction and relaxation. By combining Deep Tissue, Myofacial, Trigger Point and Swedish Massage techniques, she provides an effective treatment curtailed to the needs of each client. While Shelley is skilled in all types of massage she is most passionate about treating clients with repetitive use injuries. Having worked in a corporate environment she knows, all too well, about neck, shoulder & arm pain that derive from sitting at a computer all day. Shelley's belief: "Repetitive Use Injuries are caused by repetitive tasks or awkward positions (such as computer work, excessive driving, construction work) resulting in pain, burning or discomfort. Therapeutic Massage is an effective modality to alleviate repetitive use symptoms; we have to go to work everyday but we don't have to suffer from chronic pain". Shelley looks forward to working up a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Janice Santello - Massage Therapist

Janice Santello, LMT, is a 1983 graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy and has enjoyed 30 years in the holistic health field. She encourages you to relax and enjoy a silent and therapuetic session with the focus on you! Each customized session may include: Myofascial, Skin Rolling, Dry technique, Swedish, Static Pin and Stretch or other appropriate styles which she will draw upon, while assessing your body's response to optomize your massage experience. Janice is an AMTA member, certified in Fibromyalgia Massage and also offers her unuque and highly effective Migraine Energy Releif Massage . She looks forward to assisting you in your holistic heath care regime.

Rosalie Sergiacomi - Massage Therapist

Rosalie Sergiacomi is a graduate of Spa Tech Institute and has her license in Massage Therapy. She specializes in Swedish massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Hot Stone massage. She has also earned an additional certification in Pregnancy Massage. She is a member of both ABMP and ATMA. Her goals are to apply a successful treatment based on her clients needs with an effective mindful and compassionate presence which can further innate the ability to heal and relax. Rosalie has been in the medical field for twenty years. She enjoys volunteering, gardening, walking in the woods, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

SUSAN FEDERICO, LMT – Massage Therapist

A 1999 graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, Susan has devoted her practice to promoting and educating the public on the necessity and benefits of massage. She specializes in Swedish, Relaxation, Sports, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy, Infant, Regional Work and Shiatsu techniques. She also has a strong background as an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, and in physical and aquatic therapies.

Susan's mission is: to promote health and wellness in a nurturing and relaxed atmosphere and to provide quality muscular therapy to each and every client.

Christine McEvoy - Reflexologist

has been offering reflexology at Body Restoration since 2004. Chris has always been interested in working with clients in pursuing their emotional and physical balance. Whether it be through social work in which she is licensed or energy work, specifically reflexology, Chris has worked in the healing arts.

Christine studied reflexology under Marie Elena Hill-Elerstein completing her course of study in 2004. Chris became nationally certified shortly thereafter and began offering her services at Body Restoration. > Chris is continually furthering her education in reflexology to offer her clients the latest techniques. She most recently completed courses on hand and ear reflexology, the use of reflexology in dealing with chronic pain management and in dealing with stress and anxiety.

Chris hopes she brings to her clients both a sense of relaxation and well being as well as knowledge about the field of reflexology and education on what works best for them, their minds and bodies.

Margaret Wiggin - Reiki Practioner

Margie has a Master's in Education, had worked as a chiropractic assistant for two chiropractors for a total of 3 years, and have studied energy medicine since 2000, working towards Reiki Master Practitioner level in 2005. Margie has been with Body Restoration since the Fall of 2003.


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