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Swedish Massage

Promotes relaxation using rhythmical strokes and kneading techniques.

30 Min. Gift for $45

60 Min. Gift for $85

90 Min. Gift for $120

Deep Tissue Massage

Works more deeply into the tissue with the intent to improve performance and aid in recovery. Practical for those leading physically active lives. Direct pressure applied to trigger points in the muscle stimulates relaxation and reduces pain.

30 Min. Gift for $45

60 Min. Gift for $85

90 Min. Gift for $120

European Hot Stone Massage

With continuous heat therapy, experience deeper relaxation, increased relief to stressed muscles and improved detoxification through this treatment.


75 Min. Gift for $110



Massage during pregnancy offers relief from many common complaints during pregnancy such as fatigue and leg cramps, and can enhance sleep and calm an active baby. Massage may also assist in the prevention and reduction of edema.

30 Min. Gift for $45

60 Min. Gift for $85

90 Min. Gift for $120


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Therapeutically, Reiki can release blockages in the body's natural energy flow, thereby relieving tension and boosting immunity. Long held tension in the body can lead to illness, so regular Reiki appointments can prevent future medical complications or disease due to long held emotional issues or residual pain from an injury.

Do you react to a power struggle or fear with sensation in your stomach region? That's the third chakra - or energy center feeling that emotion. That is a physical reaction to an emotional experience. Chronic experience of this sensation can lead to the body holding that tension, thereby leading to illness or discomfort - dis-ease. This is what Reiki works best with. There are seven energy centers that each react and experience emotion and stress. If this emotion/stress is held in the body and not naturally released, Reiki can help! Your body cannot function at its optimal health with energy blockages. Come and experience this release for yourself!!

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30 Min. Gift for $40

60 Min. Gift for $70

90 Min. Gift for $100

Combine Reiki and Massage* for Maximum Benefit

a unique combination slow, methodical massage technqiues combined with an energetic balancing provides a feeling of calm, peace and wellbeing.

75 Min. Gift for $105

90 Min. Gift for $110

*Available through Amy only


Reflexology is a 5000 year old art of stress reduction originating in China and Egypt. It is a natural system of relaxation based on the principle that the body is reflected on the feet and the application of pressure to this area promotes circulation, balance and relaxation in a holistic manner. Our bodies are comprised of vibrations of energy. It flows through the body, along pathways or meridians and it gathers in specialized energy centers or chakras. Illness can be a matter of congestion to one or more of these pathways or centers, causing a blockage of energy or impeding its flow through the body.

Reflexologists look to symptoms as clues to finding the underlying cause of congestion in the body. Reflexologists look to the feet to show stress, tension or congestive cues, which may be hampering the body's' own innate power of healing. Reflexology works to increase the circulation in the body physically and energetically. This increase in functioning allows the body to make the appropriate adjustments it needs in order to break up congestion and thus restore the balance and integrity of its many systems and organs, thereby allowing the body to heal itself. Although reflexology is not a substitute for traditional medicine, it is a wonderful complement to Western medicine. By alerting latent healing abilities within the body, reflexology assists in creating a healthy, harmonious state that is ideal for efficient functioning of the whole body: physical, mental and emotional.

There are three primary benefits of reflexology:

1. It reduces stress and brings about a state of relaxation.
2. It promotes balance and proper functioning of the body.
3. It improves circulation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the whole body.

Reflexology treatments are offered by Christine McEvoy, Certified Reflexologist and IMA insured.

30 Min. Gift for $40

60 Min. Gift for $75

90 Min. Gift for $110


The most therapeutic, yet indulgent aromatic essences that nourish and heal the body and soul.Aromatherapy is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for their healing properties. Holistic aromatherapy restores physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Essential oils, when properly used, can address such conditions as anxiety, depression, muscle aches, headaches, PMS and menstrual problems, back pain, injuries, and insomnia to name a few. Essential oils give a plant its fragrance and have been known throughout history for their healing effects on body and mind.

Add Aromatherapy to any service for $10!


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